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Huffy Sienna 27.5" Adults Comfort Urban Bike

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Navigate the city in style and comfort with the Huffy 27.5" Sienna Comfort Bike, a modern marvel that pays homage to classic cycling charm. Whether you're dashing into town, enjoying a serene country ride, or commuting daily, the Sienna is designed to enhance every journey with its superior features and timeless aesthetics.

Exclusive Perfect Fit Frame for Comfort and Style: The Huffy Sienna boasts an exclusive Perfect Fit frame, ensuring a more comfortable experience from the moment you hop on. This innovative design promotes a natural upright riding position, benefiting your back, arms, and hands, and allowing you to enjoy longer rides without discomfort. With the Sienna, comfort meets elegance in every ride.

Smooth and Easy Shifting with Shimano Gears: Equipped with easy-to-shift 7-speed Shimano RevoShift and a reliable Shimano derailleur, the Sienna offers seamless gear transitions to take you anywhere you desire. Whether tackling hills or cruising on flat terrain, these smooth-shifting gears ensure a pleasant and efficient ride, making the Sienna a versatile choice for all your urban adventures.

Enhanced Momentum and Comfort Features: The larger 27.5” tyres on the Sienna not only add to its sleek vintage look but also provide extra momentum and a smoother ride over bumps and uneven surfaces. Paired with a deluxe saddle, dual-density grips, and pedals, the Sienna delivers an extra layer of comfort, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your ride.

Superior Control and Lightweight Performance: Experience great stopping power with front and rear alloy V-brakes, giving you confidence and control in various urban environments. The durable fenders maintain the bike's classic style while keeping you clean and dry. Additionally, the alloy 3-piece crank and stem bring improved performance at a lower weight, enhancing the overall efficiency and enjoyment of your ride.

  • Exclusive Perfect Fit frame delivers a more comfortable experience as soon as you hop on the bike
  • Upright riding position is more natural for your back, arms, and hands
  • Easy-to-shift 7-speed Shimano RevoShift and Shimano derailleur
  • 27.5” tyres increase momentum without extra work
  • Deluxe saddle, dual-density grips and pedals deliver extra comfort for great rides
  • Front and rear alloy V-brakes offer great stopping power
  • Durable fenders maintain a classic style and keep you dry
  • Alloy 3-piece crank and stem bring improved performance at a lower weight

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Features We Love

Exclusive Perfect Fit Frame for Unmatched Comfort: Experience a ride like no other with the Huffy Sienna 27.5" Comfort Urban Bike, which features an exclusive Perfect Fit frame. This unique design promotes an upright riding position, optimizing comfort for your back, arms, and hands. It's not just a bike; it's a seamless extension of your body, ensuring a more enjoyable and ergonomic cycling experience from the moment you hop on.

Smooth and Effortless Shifting: Navigate the urban landscape with ease thanks to the Sienna's easy-to-shift 7-speed Shimano RevoShift and reliable Shimano derailleur. Whether you're conquering hills or cruising through city streets, the smooth-shifting gears allow for effortless transitions, making your ride efficient and enjoyable. With the Sienna, you're always in control, ready to take on any path your urban adventure leads you.

Advanced Comfort and Control Features: The Huffy Sienna isn't just about getting from A to B; it's about enjoying every moment of your journey. Larger 27.5” tyres provide extra momentum and smooth out the bumps, while the deluxe saddle and dual-density grips and pedals deliver an extra layer of comfort. Coupled with front and rear alloy V-brakes for superior stopping power, the Sienna ensures a safe, comfortable, and controlled ride in any urban setting.

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