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Hiplok ANKR Ground & Wall Anchor

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Discover unparalleled security with the Hiplok ANKR Ground & Wall Anchor, a versatile and robust solution for protecting your bike at home, in the garage, or at the office. Designed for those who value both high security and convenience, the ANKR is the ideal choice for cyclists and motorbike owners alike.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Security Ground/Wall Anchor: The Hiplok ANKR is not just any anchor; it's a fortress for your bike. Made from premium hardened steel, this anchor provides a secure point for locking your bike when paired with a maximum security chain or D lock, such as those from Hiplok's renowned range.

  • Gold Level Security: Rated Gold for both bicycles and motorbikes by Sold Secure, the leading independent testing house, ANKR offers top-tier protection. Whether you're securing a high-end bicycle or a valuable motorbike, you can trust in the strength and reliability of this anchor.

  • Unique Easy-Relocate Design: The ANKR sets itself apart with its unique design that allows for easy relocation. Whether you're moving house or simply want to change your bike's storage spot, the ANKR can be moved without permanent bolts, providing flexibility without compromising security.

  • Easy Fit for Any Space: With multiple fixing holes, ANKR can be mounted on various floor and wall surfaces. Its high-impact rubber end cap prevents frame scratch, ensuring that your bike remains in pristine condition while secured. The lock aperture measures 45mm x 70mm, accommodating a wide range of locks.

  • Diamond Sold Secure Bicycle: Independently tested and awarded the maximum Diamond Level Security for bicycles by Sold Secure, ANKR offers unmatched protection for your prized possessions.


    • Maximum security ground/wall anchor for bikes and e-bikes
    • Unique easy relocate design
    • Hardened steel two piece cylindrical body
    • High impact rubber end cap prevents framescratch
    • Measures: 100mm diameter x 90mm depth
    • Lock Aperture: 45MM X 70MM
    • Weight: 1200g
    • Diamond Sold Secure Bicycle


    • Designed for use with Hiplok’s high security chain and D locks, the all new ANKR is the first bike ground anchor / bike wall anchor with a unique easy-fit design. Independently tested and awarded the maximum Diamond Level Security for both motorbikes and bicycles by Sold Secure, ANKR is perfect for inside or outside use.


    • ANKR’s multiple fixing holes allow for mounting on a variety of floor and wall surfaces. It’s unique design allows for maximum security without the need for permanent bolts, whether used as a bike ground anchor or a bike wall anchor. This means ANKR is both easy to install and can also be moved to a different location if required at a later date.


    • ANKR’s unique, easy-fit design allows you to store your bike wherever you wish and when paired with one of our Sold Secure Gold rated chain or D locks offers maximum protection for your bike.

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    The Hiplok ANKR Ground & Wall Anchor provides an unrivaled solution for anchoring your valuable possessions. With robust construction and advanced design, this anchor ensures that your items are securely fastened to the ground or wall, deterring theft and enhancing your peace of mind.

    Featuring dual installation possibilities, the ANKR anchor can be securely fitted either to the ground or the wall, offering flexibility based on your specific needs and space. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of settings, from indoor storage to outdoor areas.

    Crafted from high-quality materials, the Hiplok ANKR Ground & Wall Anchor is built to last. Its rugged design withstands both physical tampering and weather conditions, ensuring the anchor remains strong and effective over time.