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Hiplok Ride Shield Car & Bike Protector, Black

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Are you in search of the ultimate Car & Bike Protector to elevate your biking adventures? Look no further than the HIPLOK RIDE SHIELD – a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted for safeguarding both your bike and your vehicle during transportation.

Invest in the HIPLOK RIDE SHIELD to elevate your biking adventures and ensure optimum protection for both your bike and your car. Enjoy a seamless biking experience, free from worries about cleanliness, security, or scratches. Your journey begins with HIPLOK - where innovation meets protection.

Key Features

  • Engineered from toughened nylon with padded layers, the RIDE SHIELD acts as a formidable barrier against grease, oil, and mud, ensuring your car interior remains spotless, preserving its beauty and value.
  • Leaving your bike unattended in your parked car is worry-free with RIDE SHIELD.
  • Its integrated security cover, coupled with discreet storage pockets, keeps your bike and gear out of sight, offering you complete peace of mind to relish your cycling escapades.
  • Bid farewell to rattling concerns! The RIDE SHIELD's secure wheel holder ensures a quiet, scratch-free journey, providing the ideal solution to safeguard your bike against unwanted movement or damage during transit.
  • Featuring a convenient self-sealing storage pocket, you can neatly organise and store your biking equipment and accessories, ensuring they are always within arm's reach, adding a layer of convenience to your biking experiences.
  • The RIDE SHIELD is meticulously designed to cater to all car types, making it a versatile choice for cyclists across the board.
  • Whether you drive a compact sedan or a spacious SUV, rest assured, this protector fits seamlessly.
    • Padded protection prevents damage to vehicle
    • Security cover shields bike from view
    • Wheel holder prevents rattle and scratching of bike
    • Self-sealing storage pocket for equipment and gear
    • Durable, water repellent, UV resistant
    • Fits all car types

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    Ultimate Protection, Inside and Out:
    The HIPLOK RIDE SHIELD is your go-to Car & Bike Protector, ensuring both your bike and car's interior stay in pristine condition. Crafted from durable toughened nylon, it repels oil, grease, and mud, preserving your vehicle's cleanliness and protecting your bike during transportation.

    Enhanced Security for Peaceful Travel:
    Experience worry-free biking adventures with RIDE SHIELD's integrated security cover and discreet storage pockets. Keep your bike and gear out of sight and secure, whether on the road or parked. Enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your valuables are safe and protected.

    Versatile and Compatible for Every Cyclist:
    The RIDE SHIELD is thoughtfully designed to fit all car types, making it a versatile solution for bike enthusiasts. No matter the vehicle, this protector offers a universal fit, ensuring you can transport your bike with confidence and convenience, regardless of your car's size or model.