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Mistral Vortex SD2 SUP Hardboard, Blue

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Mistral Vortex SD2 SUP Hardboard: Unleash Your Racing Potential

Embrace the thrill of competitive paddle-boarding with the Mistral Vortex SD2 SUP Hardboard, a race-proven winner that has consistently demonstrated its superiority in the waters. Evolved from its original 2015 design, the Vortex SD2 embodies hydrodynamic excellence and versatility, making it a top choice for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance

The Mistral Vortex SD2 features a hydro-dynamically advanced design, fine-tuned for enhanced performance across various water conditions. From flat to choppy waters, this hardboard excels, thanks to its increased nose volume, which aids in punching upwind, and added rocker for better bump riding.

Innovative Features for the Competitive Racer

The board's deeper standing area and raised sides contribute to its stability, while the modified bow improves wave piercing. The innovative design allows the board to leverage kinetic propulsion from the paddler's motion, resulting in a dynamic upward and forward spring during each stroke phase, extending the glide time significantly.

Superior Construction for Durability and Performance

Constructed with twin-layer carbon fibre composite and an EPS inner core, vacuum bagged and oven-baked, the Vortex SD2 achieves an ideal dry weight with a super strong finish. This meticulous construction ensures long-lasting durability and top-tier performance in competitive settings.

Practical Features for Enhanced Experience

It's designed for paddlers looking to elevate their experience, excelling in a range of water conditions, and delivering long glide times with superb stability for its width.

Maintenance and Storage Recommendations

To maintain the board's top condition, store it in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight and humid heat sources. For damages, use epoxy-based resin for repairs, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Mistral Vortex SD2: Your Gateway to Elite Paddle-boarding

Step up your paddle-boarding game with the Mistral Vortex SD2 SUP Hardboard, designed and tested by experts in Holland and the UK. Whether racing or training, the Vortex SD2 is set to redefine your water sports experience with its blend of speed, stability, and sleek design.

Additional Specifications


Designed for paddlers who have mastered the basics and have good overall board and paddle skills. Willelevate your paddling experience to another level, excelling in flat to choppy waters.


Twin layer carbon fibre composite with EPS inner core. Vacuum bagged and oven baked to produce an ideal dry weight and super strong finish. STOCK ADVICE

Avoid storing in direct high sunlight. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources. Use a board bag to protect from abrasions and off water damage and when on roof rack of vehicle. TESTS

Developed and tested by our design team in Holland and the UK. Components have been tested to ensure they meet nominal expectations of performance within reasonable expectations of form, function and budget. MAINTENANCE

Repair any damages using epoxy based resin only.

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Features We Love

Hydrodynamic Design for Peak Performance: The Mistral Vortex SD2 SUP Hardboard is renowned for its hydro-dynamically advanced design, making it a race-winning choice for competitive paddleboarding. The board's evolved structure, featuring a deeper standing area, raised sides, and a modified bow, ensures optimal performance in a variety of conditions. Its design enhances wave piercing and stability, making it highly versatile and efficient in both flat and choppy waters.

Superior Construction for Enhanced Durability: Constructed with a twin-layer carbon fibre composite and an EPS inner core, the Vortex SD2 is both lightweight and robust. This premium construction process, including vacuum bagging and oven baking, results in an ideal dry weight and a super strong finish. The board's durability and strength are critical for enduring the rigours of competitive racing and intense training sessions.

Innovative Features for Improved Maneuverability and Control: The Vortex SD2 stands out with its added rocker, which allows for better handling in bumpier conditions and utilizes kinetic propulsion for improved efficiency. This feature enables the board to spring upward and forward between paddle strokes, enhancing the paddler's power and maximizing glide time. Combined with its increased nose volume for easier upwind navigation and a US Box for universal fin fitment, the Vortex SD2 offers superior manoeuverability and control.

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